I strive to bridge the gap between complex information and target audiences through the use of visual aesthetics and creative solutions. My design work is more than what you see at first glance; it’s always strategic, and every detail has a purpose.

Over the course of my career, I’ve developed an understanding of how to approach graphic design that has proven to be successful.  The first is every detail needs to have purpose. Details are what set good design apart from the rest. The second is realizing it's not about me. I have to think the way my client does and help make their vision come to life. And third, design is more than just making something pretty. It's about solving problems, strategic thinking, and finding solutions through visual means.

As a designer, art is an integral part of my work. I’m a visual learner and communicator, so I have always been drawn to the arts and creativity. I used it as an outlet, drawing and doing crafts for fun when I was young. I also had an appreciation for visual presentation, putting extra time into things like my book report covers, making sure I chose the right font. So when I discovered graphic design, I knew it was perfect fit. I was able to do what I love and turn it into a career.

While I’m really passionate about design, I’m also really passionate about doing impactful work. I’ve always felt that I’m meant to use my skills for the greater good and I think that’s been one of my biggest motivations throughout my career. For the last six years I’ve specialized in climate and energy, working with organizations that are trying to advance clean energy and improve our environment. At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to make the world a better place :)